NYC Trip with the Finance Club of NCSU

New York City. The Big Apple. The Finance Capital of the World. Last weekend the Finance Club of NC State took their annual trip to New York. Due to the fact that many of the attendees are also joint members of the Investors' Association, we decided to recap it and encourage those who did not go this year to go next year. We flew out Thurdsay night and landed in Laguardia Aiport, well most of us at least. A few members were on American Airlines flight 4233, which was struck by lightning as it waited to land. It was immediately diverted to JFK International Airport and the passengers became instant celebrities. You can view the full news story featuring a few NC State students at this URL:

Friday was a little calmer, but much busier. The group saw the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange and spoke to a few operators on the exchange. We then traveled to Ipreo and J.P. Morgan, where we networked with current employees. After these visits we saw the closing bell at the NASDAQ exchange in Times Square. Our last academic activity of the day was a visit and tour of Credit Suisse. While the miles we walked in full business dress were incedibly painful and exhausting, you would be hard pressed to find someone who did not take something from that day, whether they took away memories like meeting Jim Cramer or seeing the Finance Club's name put up on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square or networks with members in some of the largest investment baks in the world. Friday dinner is worth noting as well. Some had a thoroughly enjoyable experience, while others not so much. Nevertheless, we are givin few chances to eat dinner, much less go inside a bank vault. That is for sure a memorable experience.

Saturday was a much more lax day. The group split up into several small groups and did a wide assortment of activities around NYC. The group I was a part of went to the Charging Bull on Wall Street, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, rode the Staten Island Ferry, and eat dinner in China Town. We then proceeded to Times Square where we hung out the rest of the night and most notably visited M&M World. Everyone flew out Sunday, yet not a single person seemed ready to go. Perhaps this was due to school Monday, perhaps other reasons. All I know is that when you visit a place like New York it makes you want to go back no matter how bad it may smell or how bad traffic may be. There is something special about a city that seems to be closer to a country. That being said, I encourage anyone who has not been to NYC to go on this trip. You will learn and see so much that the cost of going is worth it. Take advantage of this opportunity next year. you will not regret it.

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