Looking to connect your company with some the brightest and most driven students at NC State? Send us an email using the button below and we will set up a custom experience tailored to your company's interests. If you are looking for business minded individuals who are also excited to learn financial literacy, The Investors' Association is for you. Our students not only come to learn, but they come to share their knowledge, leading to intelligent students with great communication and leadership skills. In the Investors' Association we have students from all majors. Business majors make up the majority of our members but engineering, science and humanities majors provide the diversity of opinion crucial in making business decisions. If you are looking for a specific skill set related to investment banking, wealth management, security analysis and more, Bell Tower Capital Management has the students you are looking for. This advanced team within The Investors' Association manages a portfolio in a corporate setup. The portfolio not only benefits the university but focuses on giving our members the experience needed to excel in the financial world. If any of this interests you and your company, we can't wait to hear from you!

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