Who Are We?


The Investors' Association at North Carolina State University is a gathering of indivduals interested in learning about how to secure a better future for themselves through securities and investment vehicles.  We are a club at the Poole College of Management at NC State University, but we are open to every major and discipline.  We encourage everyone that has an interest in investing or trading to join regardless of their level of knowledge.

What Do We Do?


At our meetings we usually have presentations by club members covering a wide array of topics.  We cover just about every aspect of investing and trading from the very basics of "what is a stock?" to complex monetary hedging.  Some previous presentations have been Investor Sentiment, Algorithmic Trading, and Trading Options.  We prefer to have our members present rather than bringing in outside speakers to encourage members to study topics they have interest in and then teach the entire group what they learned.

Why Do We Do It?



We believe that every person should have the knowledge to invest sucessfully and make their hard earned money grow over time.  Everyone will need to invest a portion of their earnings at some point and having the knowledge to do so is extremely important.  We know that most people will pay a professional to manage their money, but knowing at least the basics of what they are doing (especially if they are doing it wrong) can make you more sucessful.

Want To Get Involved?





  • Every other Monday

  • 7:00 PM

  • Nelson Hall



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